Lots of things were said in the last millennium that never got any publicity. Here are some of them:

Orville Wright to his brother: "Okay, we can make the plane fly, but how can we feed the passengers?"

Critic reviewing Dante's "Divine Comedy": "This is one helluva book."

Michelangelo to his Italian benefactor: "The painting is 450 lire, but if I do it on the ceiling it's double."

Sigmund Freud to patient: "You're suffering from erectile dysfunction, and there is no cure for it."

Sitting Bull to Nantucket Indians: "We'll trade you a running back and two wide receivers for three Redskin draft choices."

Marie Curie to Fotomat salesman: "Can you have these photos developed by 5 o'clock?"

Abraham Lincoln: "I am not a crook."

Richard Nixon: "You can fool all of the crooks some of the time and some of the crooks all of the time--but you can't fool all of the crooks all of the time."

John Gotti: "Ditto."

Adolf Hitler to Joseph Goebbels: "I don't care what they say about me as long as they spell my name right."

Winston Churchill: "We will fight them on the land, we will fight them on the sea, and we will fight them on the 10-yard line."

Franklin Roosevelt to the people on Dec. 7, 1941: "All we have to fear is fear itself, or a day of infamy, whichever comes first."

Benito Mussolini: "Que sera, sera."

Albert Einstein: "People don't care about the speed of light as long as they get three square meals a day."

Woodrow Wilson to his secretary of state: "At least I didn't get the country into World War II."

Henry Ford to his production manager: "I don't want my name on any car I produce in case it breaks down."

Rasputin: "If Lincoln is not a crook, then I guess it must be me."

Bill Clinton: "Kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me once again."

Man who dated computers with only two places instead of four: "Trust me."

Picasso: "Every woman I've ever known is two-faced."

Duke of Windsor: "Wally, if you marry me, they'll have to make you queen."

Charles de Gaulle: "France is not a great country, but we try to do the best we can."

Greta Garbo: "Let me talk."