Tripp Transformed

Linda Tripp has a whole new look, thanks to plastic surgery including a nose job, chin tuck, neck reduction and facial peel, says the National Enquirer. The tabloid is running two photos of the "new" Tripp in next week's issue.

The Enquirer reports that Tripp -- who is set to go on trial on charges of illegally taping her phone chats with her former friend Monica Lewinsky -- recently visited Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Geoffrey Keyes, who also removed bags under her eyes and performed liposuction on various parts of her body during a three-hour operation. The Enquirer also says the 50-year-old Pentagon worker has shed about 40 pounds by dieting and exercising.

Tripp's attorney, Joseph Murtha, told us yesterday that he couldn't "confirm or deny" the surgery. He added: "I think Linda looks fantastic. Any personal decision she makes concerning her own health and well-being, we fully support and endorse. . . . She has been taking care of herself and exercising."

But her legal defense fund issued a statement saying a Beverly Hills surgeon performed the unspecified operation a few months ago. The surgery was paid for by an unidentified benefactor.

"It's amazing. It looks like she's had a head transplant," literary agent Lucianne Goldberg told the New York Post, which yesterday featured Tripp's new look on its front page. "It looks like she's even had her teeth capped," added Goldberg, who first suggested to Tripp that she record her talks with Lewinsky.

When the Spice Wasn't So Hot

In the too-much-information department, Geri Halliwell -- formerly known as Ginger Spice -- tells England's FHM magazine that she was teased as a young gal because she was such a late bloomer. "I always used to say, `You wait and see, I'll have bigger breasts than all of you,' " Halliwell unfortunately recalls. "I didn't even get my first snog" -- which apparently is a passionate kiss -- " 'til I was 13. . . . The guy was very disappointed because he went to put his hand up my top and there was nothing there."

In other Spice Girls news, Victoria Adams -- Posh Spice -- gave her soccer star hubby, David Beckham, a very expensive jeweled cross for Christmas. The cross, made of white gold and diamonds, cost nearly $65,000.

Woody Allen's High Anxiety

That wacky Woody Allen, long known for his hypochondriac ways, is positive that he has Lyme disease. Problem is, Allen can't find a doctor who'll confirm it -- and he's been to 20 so far. "Everyone tells him the same: `You don't have it.' But you know Woody," a source tells the London Evening Standard. "He refuses to believe them. . . . Now he's looking for a new doctor, one who'll tell him he's got it." According to the paper, the actor-director even consulted one of the physicians who discovered the disease in 1975, but when his diagnosis came back negative, Allen took his case elsewhere.

End Notes

Elizabeth Hurley thinks Marilyn Monroe was too chunky. Hurley tells Allure magazine that although the size-16 star always "looked fabulous . . . I'd kill myself if I was that fat" . . . Oh, those crazy Phish fans. Florida highways were clogged yesterday as 75,000 Phish-heads rushed to the jam band's New Year's concert on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation near Fort Lauderdale . . . Out magazine has named its annual "Hall of Shame" and included on the list of honorees are radio host Laura Schlessinger, who, according to the mag, links homosexuality to pedophilia; and Texas Gov. George W. Bush, who called his state's sodomy law a "gesture of traditional values."

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