A Happy Visitor

"I wish the show were based here" is how "Chicago" star Nana Visitor sums up her Washington experience. Visitor, who for years starred in the TV series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," has been playing to sold-out audiences during the musical's recent return engagement at the National Theatre. The last performance will be tomorrow night.

In an interview at the new Estee Lauder Spa in Tysons Corner, Visitor had nothing but good things to say about Washington. She divulged that she and co-star Vicki Lewis have made a habit of dining out at Old Ebbitt Grill, and that if an offer came to work here again, she would most certainly consider it. When asked to compare her current theater costume with her "Star Trek" outfit, she told us that while her "Chicago" clothes are "more revealing, on 'Star Trek' I felt like Barbarella."

Visitor said she did not plan on taking part in any of the area's millennium celebrations, choosing instead to have a massive seafood feast with her family. "My mother is a wonderful seafood cook," she added.

Harrison on the Mend

George Harrison was in stable condition yesterday after surviving a knife attack in his home early Thursday. The 56-year-old former Beatle was admitted to Harefield Hospital in West London, where he was reported to be joking with his doctors. "He's in good spirits considering the traumatic experience he's been through," said a spokesman. "It is a fairly painful condition that he is in, and he will remain on painkillers until he doesn't need them anymore."

Alleged assailant Michael Abram was ordered held in a psychiatric hospital by a British judge and charged with the attempted murder of the reclusive guitarist and his wife, Olivia, who suffered minor injuries. Abram, like Harrison a native of Liverpool, had in recent months reportedly become obsessed with the Beatles.

Abram apparently broke a window to gain entrance to the Harrisons' mansion, which neighbors have nicknamed "Fort Knox" because of its barbed-wire-topped fences, dog patrols and round-the-clock security, a concern of Harrison's ever since the 1980 murder of fellow Beatle John Lennon.

Seinfeld in Accident

Newlywed comedian Jerry Seinfeld was involved in a minor car crash Thursday in the Catskills just south of Albany. According to state troopers, a car driven by Donald Mosey of Cairo, N.Y., merged onto a mountain road without seeing Seinfeld's silver 1997 Mercedes. Neither Seinfeld nor Mosey was injured, and no tickets were issued. Seinfeld and his bride, public relations executive Jessica Sklar, did not detail their honeymoon plans.

End Notes

First the Kennedy Center Honors, now the queen. Sean Connery will be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II sometime this year. Prime Minister Tony Blair placed his name on a specially expanded millennium honors list . . . In Bogota, Colombia, a radio personality told jokes for 62 consecutive hours to raise funds for a local charity . . . Two women have settled a lawsuit they brought against actor Charlie Sheen after they were allegedly assaulted and threatened by one of his bodyguards.

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