* A Republican presidential debate on C-SPAN and MSNBC.

* New episodes of NBC's Thursday night lineup.

* "Getting a Ticket in America" on WTTG.

* And "Totally Out of Control People" on WJLA.

Presidential Debate

Live from the University of New Hampshire, the six Republican presidential candidates debate, with NBC News's Tim Russert moderating (C-SPAN and MSNBC at 7 p.m.; repeated at 11 p.m. on Channel 26). At 11:35, ABC's "Nightline" will air extended portions of the debate.


NHL Hockey. Washington at Atlanta (HTS, 7:30).

Public Broadcasting

Around Town reviews "Martin Guerre" at the Kennedy Center and "Guys and Dolls" at Arena Stage (Channel 26, 8:30).

Mystery! Touching Evil (CC). The return of the series following the exploits of London's Organized and Serial Crime Unit; tonight, a serial killer e-mails his intentions to a tabloid reporter (Channel 26 at 9).


Getting a Ticket in America (CC). Footage of people just like you and me getting real speeding tickets. Watch, if you dare. One hour (Channel 5 at 8).

Totally Out of Control People (CC) includes footage of drunken Michigan State University students, angry Guns 'N Roses fans and violent English soccer fans. One hour (Channel 7 at 9).


20/20 Downtown (CC) reports on music manager Lou Pearlman's battle with the boy bands he helped create (Channel 7 at 10).

48 Hours (CC). Comedian Louie Anderson is included in a profile of people who believe they have been slighted by their families (Channel 9 at 10).


Friends (CC). Joey's roommate (Elle Macpherson) can't stand to be around his common-looking pals (Channel 4 at 8).

Diagnosis Murder (CC). Dr. Sloan's cruise turns into a deadly voyage (Channel 9 at 8).

Frasier (CC). Niles and Martin spend New Year's Eve in Dad's Winnebago searching for a get-together in Idaho (Channel 4 at 9).

Greed: The Multi-Million Dollar Challenge (CC). It's all about the Benjamins, baby (Channel 5 at 9).

ER (CC). Dr. Greene learns that his father has escaped from his retirement home, while Dr. Corday tries to coax a confession out of an injured murderer (Channel 4 at 10).

Late Night

Tonight Show With Jay Leno (CC). With guests Lyle Lovett and Burt Bacharach (Channel 4, 11:35).

Late Show With David Letterman (CC). With George Stephanopoulos and comedian Sue Murphy (Channel 9, 11:35).

Lisa de Moraes is on assignment. The TV Column will return next week.

CAPTION: Joey (Matt LeBlanc) feels torn between his pals and his roommate (Elle Macpherson) on "Friends" tonight at 8 on Channel 4.