* Arlington resident Dima Zalatimo, a thirty-something freelance TV producer, was at the new Washington restaurant Olives Friday night with six friends when Redskins Boy Wonder Daniel Snyder and minority partner Fred Drasner passed by their table. She wished them good luck on Saturday's playoff game--and, to her delight, they offered the whole group tickets to the game. "They were so nice. We weren't even football fans, but now we are," Zalatimo told us yesterday.

* It's dangerous being a Spice Girl. Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams--who last month clobbered a loony fan who tried to grab her 9-month-old son, Brooklyn--is now the target of a kidnapping attempt. British papers say Scotland Yard has foiled a scheme to stash Adams and Brooklyn in a London house until soccer star hubby David Beckham paid a $1.6 million ransom.

* In other celebrity police blotter news, the cops have collared a man they are calling Barbra Streisand's stalker. Paparazzo Wendall Wall, 28, was arrested in Malibu Saturday and held on $1 million bail after allegedly tailing the diva and her husband, James Brolin, on the Ventura Freeway. Wall faces arraignment today.

The Goldberg Variations

Our jaw dropped at Lucianne Goldberg's demand that Jeffrey Toobin withdraw his new impeachment book because it says the scandal-happy literary agent used to brag that when she was a few years older than Monica Lewinsky, she worked in the White House and had sex with Lyndon Johnson. We were equally surprised by Goldberg's threat of a libel suit if Random House refuses to remove all 125,000 copies of "A Vast Conspiracy" from the shelves.

Why? Because at a Washington Christmas party in the early 1980s, we personally heard Goldberg talk about her supposed affair with Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Yesterday a couple of other attendees confirmed to us that we remembered it right--and that Goldberg regaled revelers with tales of her White House adventures.

"She went on at some length about her relationship with Lyndon Johnson," said one witness, who asked not to be identified for fear of having to hire a lawyer. "While we were still reeling from the lurid disclosure, she launched into further details about her affair with 'Hubie,' painting a deplorably vivid picture of the former vice president sitting on the edge of the love bed in black knee socks, weeping. 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' it wasn't."

Author Kitty Kelley--who once won a $41,407 court judgment against Goldberg, her former literary agent--told us that she, too, remembers the Johnson boasts. "Yes, I recall the Lyndon stuff, but we always thought she was merely flattering herself. She used to tell us all about her affairs. Lucianne was like a guy in the sense that it just wasn't believable."

When we shared our memory with Goldberg yesterday, she denied that she'd had an affair with Humphrey--or that she ever claimed she'd had one. But she did make that claim, we insisted. "Then you're just going to have to write that it's not true and that I said it's not true. That's my comment on it," she replied. "I don't know how any of this is relevant in the context of my bringing an action." Toobin, meanwhile, lamented: "I'm ashamed that I missed the Hubert Humphrey angle."

Holding His Own With a Mouse

* The adorable Jonathan Lipnicki--whose star turn in "Jerry Maguire" led to the meaty role of older brother George in the hit movie "Stuart Little"--may be only 9, but he sure doesn't sound like it. "Yeah, it's number one," the 4-foot-1, 52-pound actor told us yesterday from Los Angeles, where he lives with accountant dad Joe, manager mom Rhonda and 12-year-old sister Alexis, an actress. "It's just a good family movie," Jonathan said. "It talks a lot about families and how they're so important."

Jonathan is enjoying his thriving acting career. "I just think it's fun. I don't know why, but I love it." Like many third-graders, he leads a busy life. "I'll list them all, what I do," he told us. "I Rollerblade a little, skateboard a little. I do my martial arts"--he has a yellow belt in something called Brazilian jiujitsu--"and I do snowboarding, biking, basketball, baseball." Jonathan used to play the electric guitar, but his was damaged last fall when his house was flooded. Meanwhile, he's recovering nicely from a bout with bronchitis, he said. As for the movie, based on the E.B. White classic, Jonathan told us he loved working opposite the computer-generated mouse. "My favorite part about making 'Stuart Little' was the whole idea about talking to something that's not even there. It's really weird and fun." The moral of the movie: "Size doesn't matter."