Mexican pop sensation Gloria Trevi was arrested today by Brazilian police for possible extradition to face allegations that she and her manager kidnapped girls and abused them.

Trevi was picked up in Rio's posh seaside neighborhood of Barra de Tijuca around midday, the Mexican attorney general's office said in a statement.

Police also arrested her manager, Sergio Andrade, and a singer from Trevi's entourage, Maria Raquenal Portillo, known as Mary Boquitas, the statement said.

Looking calm and well groomed, the 29-year-old idol was escorted from federal police headquarters here to a civilian police station before transfer to a jail in the city center.

Trevi refused to answer reporters' questions on her arrest and the charges she faces back in Mexico.

For months, Interpol had been trying to track down Trevi and Andrade, who were believed to be on the run together somewhere in Latin America.

They were rumored to be in Brazil in mid-1999, but officials at that time said they had no leads. Mexican authorities also said they had been in neighboring Argentina and Uruguay.

Trevi became a star in the early 1990s, rising to the top of the music charts and gaining a reputation as a rebel by appearing onstage in skimpy outfits and pouring soft drinks over her body.

She and her manager disappeared from sight after allegations surfaced in early 1999 that Trevi had exploited young girls sent by their parents into the pop star's care in hopes of making it big in show business. Families of the girls told reporters in interviews that the girls were pressured into having sex with Andrade.

The case advanced in November when authorities in the northern state of Chihuahua issued a warrant for Trevi's arrest on charges of corruption of minors.

In late December, the Mexican government asked Brazil through its embassy for "provisional detention" of Trevi for eventual extradition, the attorney general's office said.

It was not immediately known how long the extradition process would take.

CAPTION: Mexican singer Gloria Trevi is facing charges of corruption of minors.