Tyson, a Hit in London?

Mike Tyson is having such a jolly time over in London that he's apparently decided to move there. Says he gets dissed in America. "I get respected here in a way that never happens to me at home," the ear-chomping heavyweight complained to reporters this week. "The United States is only 200 years old, and it's not long since people like me were slaves there. England is different. America is not sophisticated enough to deal with the sensitivity of human life."

Tyson--who'll take on British titleholder Julius Francis next Saturday--has managed to take in some local sights between his training sessions. Yesterday he toured the racially mixed south London neighborhood of Brixton, despite opposition from local officials who said he wasn't welcome because of his 1992 rape conviction. Tyson said he wanted to walk the same streets as Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali. However, his visit was cut short because more than 1,000 fans mobbed him, forcing him to seek refuge in a police station, of all places.

Lights, Camera, Rodman!

Just when we thought television couldn't get any worse, we learn that erstwhile hoopster Dennis Rodman will star in a new TV series, "The Consultants," in which he'll play a smart private investigator/war veteran with a bullet lodged in his brain. Variety reports that Rodman will join former WWF female champ Rena Mero, karate king Jeff Speakman and former WBC light heavyweight belt-holder Jeremy Williams in the syndicated series, which will debut in the fall. The series will be filmed in Las Vegas and will focus on a team of private eyes skilled in the martial arts; the bullet makes Rodman's character both moody and highly sensitive. Rodman "is destined to become a breakout action star," said executive producer Alan Mruvka. "Kids love him, and he's a bigger-than-life personality."

And speaking of Rodman, his former wife, Carmen Electra, tells People mag that they're not getting back together, no matter what her onetime hubby says. "I just spent a fortune divorcing him, so why would I marry him again?" she says.

Streisand, Casting Shadows

Neighbors of Barbra Streisand and James Brolin are hopping mad over what they call the couple's "mansionization of Malibu." According to People mag, the neighbors don't want the couple to add a 6,700-square-foot barnlike building to the three-acre compound where they live. Streisand, who's planning to store her show-biz memorabilia in the building, is paying close attention to their complaints. She has hired UCLA to do a study to show that the structure won't cast a shadow on anyone else's land, and she asked the Malibu City Council to put off a vote to give her time to explore neighbors' concerns.

End Notes

Is she or isn't she? The National Enquirer says Celine Dion is over the moon because she's finally pregnant--with twins, no less--but the singer's rep says that's all hogwash . . . White House spokesman Joe Lockhart and some of his staffers stopped by the set of NBC's "West Wing" yesterday while they were out in L.A. with President Clinton . . . Don't read this if you're eating breakfast: "I can make them perfectly so the yolk is runny but not liquidy and there's no burnt edges. I also do a great tuna-salad sandwich with a secret ingredient--ketchup"--Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, who plays a TV cooking show host in the new flick "Down to You."

CAPTION: Mike Tyson fights his way through fans in south London's Brixton neighborhood.