This is what happened in my neighborhood during the snowstorm. Victor sold his company on the Internet to Mousetrap for $4 billion. Mrs. Victor bought a new 20-carat diamond ring at Bulgari's Home Shopping Network, and Victor Jr. refused to go back to college since he purchased a new Porsche on Amazon.

Robespierre bought stock in Mousetrap from Charles Schwab. He then sold it because Mrs. Robespierre wanted a new house shown on After buying it, Mrs. Robespierre decided to tear it down and build a French chalet on Yahoo.

Fortune had stock options in Victor's company and cashed them in to invest in a new Broadway show on Netscape, which closed in New Haven. Mrs. Fortune found several passionate letters in her husband's e-mail from a dancer in the show. She found a lawyer on Infoseek and sued for divorce.

When it snowed for the second day, people in the neighborhood were awash in computer deals. The German company Zits bought out Rothko Steel, and Sampson was told he would have to move to Frankfurt if he wanted to stay with the firm. Mrs. Sampson hired the same divorce lawyer as Mrs. Fortune because she refused to move to Germany.

Gladstone, who is 25 years old, plugged in to the family's firm in Boston and was made president of Arrhythmia Software. He agreed to fire his father for poor performance.

Cynthia O'Leary became the director of Dogdays HMO, but when she applied through Barnes & Noble to be a member of the Starlight Country Club, she was turned down. She is now suing for discrimination.

Also, her company has lost $300 million by tying in with the Hong Kong stock market.

We have an investment club on the block that meets at a different house every week. Everyone had the flu the week the AOL-Time Warner deal was announced. We blamed each other, and now the club is out of business.

The trick to being online is to hit the right numbers on the computer at just the right time. The only one in the neighborhood who knows how to do this is Grossbart, who is 16 years old. Grossbart can tell what we are all doing. He broke into Amazon's security code and found out Joan Rivers's password.

Our neighborhood is no better or worse than anybody else's. We believe money is more important than happiness, and no matter what people say we can take it with us.

Forehead told me, "If I can't buy a private plane on my computer, it isn't worth buying at all."