By popular demand, here's another collection of Perfect Fit Last Names (PFLNs), or names that suit their owners' occupations exactly. They were submitted by ever-vigilant Levey readers.

When Lee Joanna Harper worked as a horseback riding instructor at summer camp, three of her colleagues were Amanda Sadler, Victoria Mount and Layne Paddock.

The head of moving operations at Bowie State University is Paulette Quickley.

May it be an Imperfect Fit: Pat Phibbs is a reporter for the Bureau of National Affairs, says Ray S. McAllister.

Who was the religious freedom activist cited in a Washington Post article? None other than Donald Argue (thanks for the eagle eye, Annette Ruben).

From Jim Fearson, of Oak Hill: "The lady to call for information on the Quinton Oaks Ladies Golf Association Spring Breakfast [is] Cheryl Putt."

Marie Anne Erickson, of Braddock Heights, says her daughter's tax accountant is named Shelby Goldgrab.

From the funeral industry: Rita Wiener, of Rockville, attended services in Morganton, N.C., recently. The man who handled arrangements on behalf of the Kirksey Funeral Home was Charles J. Graves.

From the plumbing industry: Paul F. Friedmann, of Rockville, was handed a promo at a fireworks show in Lititz, Pa. It advertised the services of Dennis Leeking.

In that same handout, a Lititz insurance executive took out an ad. His name is Matt Conner.

If he's mean, perhaps he comes by it naturally. Several riders report that a kiosk attendant at the Tenleytown Metro station is named Ronald Degrouchy.

The bereavement coordinator at the Washington Home and Hospice is Ginger Blessing (many thanks to veteran PFLN spotter Gordon Thomas, of Arlington).

In the same ecclesiastical vein, Lisa Goforth is the head of Christian education at St. George's Episcopal Church in Arlington.

From Margaret Gates Bosch, of Annandale: "My daughter went to a midwife in New Hampshire. Her name was Diane Borner."

Massanutten Military Academy dedicated a new $1 million dining hall in 1998. The chief donors who made it possible were alumni Jack P. Cook and William R. Kitchin (many thanks, Diane Miller Warren, of Woodstock, Va.).

Gary L. Cowman, of Englewood, Colo., is a member of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, reports Thomas L. Schwarz, of Burke.

In Britain, bookmakers who take horse racing bets are called "turf accountants." Tom Ingram reports that he ran into one in London named A.V. Stallion.

Years ago, writes Jim Montgomery, his wife was showing visitors around her home when the plumbing came unsprung. Water gushed forth like Niagara, says Jim. The plumber who came to make repairs was Wiley Waters.

The man who caught Mark McGwire's 63rd home run during the 1998 season was John Grass. He's the groundskeeper for the Melville School District (much obliged, Hank Holman and Douglas Scott Arey).

In Harrisonburg, Va., Holly Watts is director of membership and funding for (what else?) a radio station, writes Madeline McNeil.

Where would Carl Seashore live but Wrightsville Beach, N.C.? Thanks for the information, Marilyn Halsey, of Annandale.

Who was Paul Brown's optician when he lived in Pittsburgh? Earl Glasser, naturally.

Mitchell Byrd teaches ornithology at the College of William and Mary, says David Hopkins, a former student of his.

Dick Nelson, of Kansas City, Mo., says he used to have a colleague at KLIK radio in Jefferson City, Mo., named Derry Brownfield. Brother Brownfield covered farm news.

Tom Brew owns and manages the Black Dog Pub in Annapolis.

When George Keeler, of Chevy Chase, was in the Air Force, a master sergeant he knew decided to retire. The retiree's wife was named Goldie Severance.

Johnnie Lee Morgan, of Lynchburg, Va., says her husband, Evan, has an internist named James Cure.

Paul Coc, of Arlington, knows a farmer in Madison County, Va., named Ivy Plant.

Thanks, Elizabeth Aiken Burt, for a truly great one from the world of medicine: an ophthalmologist in San Francisco named Everett Ai.

Lavern Carnegie needed to clear up a discrepancy on her mortgage bill. The loan officer to whom she was referred was Hugh Grieve.

Joe Trail rides and sells mountain bikes, according to Geraldine Horan, of Alexandria.

Kelly Hazzard is director of disaster services for the American Red Cross chapter in Santa Barbara, Calif., reports Kim Elizabeth Manning.

Mary Haak is a computer specialist at the National Institutes of Health, reports her co-worker, Nick D'Ascoli.

And finally for this batch, Gloria Flora is the forest supervisor at the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana.

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