"West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin was arrested over the weekend at Burbank Airport after he was found with hallucinogenic mushrooms in his carry-on luggage.

The 40-year-old executive producer, who had just completed writing the season's last episode of the Emmy-winning White House drama, was headed for a flight to Las Vegas when security personnel doing a routine check found the mushrooms wrapped in tissue paper, according to an airport spokesman.

Airport police took Sorkin to the Burbank jail, where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He was released on $10,000 bail a few hours later.

Sorkin released a statement saying: "I am glad to be surrounded by such a supportive group of people and am prepared to proceed as directed by my attorney and in the best interest of my family."

NBC and Warner Bros. Television, which produces "West Wing," also released an official comment, saying that "we have the utmost respect for Aaron Sorkin and his family and fully support them during this difficult time."

This is the second embarrassing incident involving drugs for NBC this year. "Friends" star Matthew Perry checked himself into a drug rehab program in late February.

Sorkin has spoken openly about his past struggles with drug addiction, saying he used his own experiences to shape the "West Wing" character of White House chief of staff Leo McGarry, a recovering alcoholic. In recent years he has married, and he and his wife had a child last year.

News of Sorkin's arrest on drug charges came as a surprise on the set of the show. Close associates say nothing in the writer's recent behavior indicated a relapse into drug use.

On the contrary, said one such colleague, "I have no sense of his having any ongoing problem here. He hasn't missed a minute of work. He's here at 7:30 a.m., two hours before anyone else, and the earliest he ever leaves is 7:30 [p.m.]. He frequently leaves after midnight."

A hard-charging perfectionist, Sorkin wrote each of the 22 "West Wing" episodes this season. He finished the last episode -- which is being shot this week -- at the end of last week, and went to a wrap party for the show on Saturday night before heading to the airport for Las Vegas on Sunday.

Sorkin will be arraigned on the charges on April 30.

Airport police in Burbank, Calif., say Aaron Sorkin had hallucinogenic mushrooms in his baggage.