Proving once again that timing is everything, the "Justice" book party for Vanity Fair writer Dominick Dunne was dominated by talk of missing intern Chandra Levy.

The ironically titled tome is Dunne's latest exploration into the dark heart of American crime and jurisprudence: the cases against O.J. Simpson, Claus von Bulow, Michael Skakel and others -- including the murderer of Dunne's daughter Dominique. Now the writer is riveted by the latest mystery to consume Washington: "It's been fascinating," said Dunne. "I love the frenzy and excitement when we all get caught up in the same thing."

The party for 200 Wednesday night at Cafe Milano, thrown by pal Kevin Chaffee, boasted an impressive array of friends, lawyers and journalists who have not yet departed for exotic summer vacations: Greta Van Susteren, Evan Thomas, Chris Wallace, Kathleen Matthews, Lucky Roosevelt, Austin Kiplinger, Marie Ridder, Bitsey Folger, Ann Stock, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, Judith Terra, Nancy Brinker, Sally Bedell Smith, Marc Leland, Mary and Mandy Ourisman, and Nina and Phil Pillsbury.

After the party, Dunne was feted at the home of Jane Stanton Hitchcock and Post writer-editor Jim Hoagland by Jim and Kate Lehrer, Ann Jordan, Liz Stevens, Deborah Gore Dean, Leo and Grega Daly, Claire Shipman and Jay Carney, and Nina Auchincloss Straight.

Topic A: What else?

Dominick Dunne, right, and Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova, above, holding court at a party honoring Dunne's latest, "Justice."