Mariah Carey is under psychiatric care following her hospitalization last week, which her publicist now says was the result of an "emotional and physical breakdown."

The 31-year-old singer, who canceled all public appearances, checked herself into an undisclosed hospital. At the time, her spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, said Carey was suffering from "extreme exhaustion."

But today, Berger told the Associated Press: "She has suffered an emotional and physical breakdown. . . . She is under psychiatric care."

Berger denied tabloid reports that Carey tried to commit suicide. She said that just before the breakdown, Carey suffered cuts to her body, but that the injuries were unintentional. "She did break some dishes and glasses, and she may have stepped on them," Berger said.

Carey's breakdown comes at perhaps the most critical point in her career. The singer signed a multimillion-dollar contract with Virgin Records in April after leaving Columbia Records, where she got her start.

She'll star in a movie for the first time when "Glitter," about an aspiring pop star, opens later this month. She also performed the songs for the movie soundtrack.

Just before her hospitalization, Carey left two despondent messages on her official Web site, complaining of being overworked and getting too little attention from her new record label. She said she wanted to close her management company and take a break, but Berger said nothing has changed and her management remains the same.

Carey has sold tens of millions of albums and has numerous No. 1 hits, including "Fantasy," "Dreamlover" and "Always Be My Baby."

Singer Mariah Carey checked herself into a hospital last week.