We don't have much space to tell you about "Glitter," so we'll be blunt. This star vehicle for singer Mariah Carey is primarily a showcase for her breasts. And if they gave out Oscars for body parts, this pair would definitely be contenders. Other than that, it goes like this:

Alcoholic singer-mother abandons 11-year-old daughter, who -- boing! -- grows up to be a great singer in the New York club scene. The credits are finished by this point. Then she's discovered by producer-boyfriend. Gets record contract. Makes hit records. Wears skimpy clothes. Mean, interfering record company executives make her wear even skimpier clothes and dump the boyfriend as producer and the best friends as backup singers. She's cool with that. Or rather, as they say in this movie, "wit dat."

Boyfriend gets mean and angry. She dumps him. She feels bad. He feels bad. They write songs about how bad they feel. She still longs for her mother, who left an aching hole in her heart that can be filled only by writing a song that contains the word "closure." Meanwhile, she flirts with a handsome singer who wants to "work" with her. A few hours later, another hit song!

After something very, very bad happens to the boyfriend, she learns her mother has been found. She orders her limo to "a small town in Maryland," and arrives spilling out of the top of her evening dress to embrace her now-sober mom.

Everyone cries.

Glitter (110 minutes, at area theaters) is rated PG-13 for sexuality, profanity and a little violence.Mariah Carey and rapper Da Brat as singers about to make a splash on the New York club scene in "Glitter."