One president and three animals. That's the story in this week's News Quiz.

1. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter was all smiles last week. Why?

2. Keiko the killer whale will be spending the winter in the waters of which Scandinavian country?

3. Which U.S. state is worried that its skunk population is declining?

4. This frog comes from an island nation that scientists believe might hold the most diverse assortment of amphibians in the world. Which nation is it?

Send your completed quiz -- with name, age, address and phone number -- to: Oct. 22 News Quiz, KidsPost, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071, or fax it to: 202-496-3780, or e-mail it (with "Oct. 22 News Quiz" in the subject field) to We'll pick three winners from all the correct entries we receive by Oct. 26. This week's prizes: a KidsPost T-shirt, plus one item from the KSSPSUHWWAT.

Answers to last week's quiz: 1. The word "missile" was misspelled. 2. Textbooks. 3. A quarter. 4. Ports.

Winners: Natalie Shapiro, 11, Burke; Brook Tamir, 8, Springfield; Paul Wiehagen, 11, Cheverly.

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