Election Day

* The American people spoke yesterday, casting their votes in an election that will determine whether Democrats or Republicans will control Congress.

Many races -- including some for representatives, senators and governors -- were very close. Some results were not yet in when KidsPost finished up for the night.

To see the latest results, look in the A section of today's Washington Post and in tomorrow's KidsPost.

A Chilling 'Chamber'

* The new Harry Potter film is scarier than the first one, said "Chamber of Secrets" director Chris Columbus.

In the new Time magazine, Columbus says: "I would strongly caution parents, anyone who has a 7-year-old or younger, to make sure they know what they're getting into."

Moviegoers say scenes involving the Whomping Willow, the petrified Hogwarts students and the giant spiders of the Forbidden Forest may give some kids the creeps.

But most fans have said "Chamber of Secrets" is pretty good. Britain's Guardian newspaper said the new movie is "darker, funnier and finer than its forerunner." After attending a special Nov. 3 London premiere, Jake Knibbs, 10, of Manchester, England, told the Evening Times: "It's really, really good. It was a bit scary with the spiders."

The movie is rated PG, "for scary moments, some creature violence and mild language." Last year's "Sorcerer's Stone" also was rated PG, "for some scary moments and mild language."

Warner Bros., the studio behind the film, is glad to have a PG rating, since many parents will let younger kids see it. But the studio doesn't want older kids to think the film is babyish. That may be why Columbus is so eager to call the movie scary, to lure teenagers.

"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" opens in the United States on Nov. 15.

-- From staff and wire reports

Poll sitter: Four-year-old Emily Paluzzi with her mom in a voting booth in New Hampshire.