Sharon Osbourne so regrets the loss of privacy that has resulted from becoming a TV star that she has signed a deal to host a daytime talk show, where she will no doubt complain about her lack of privacy daily.

The wife/manager of heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne, and co-star of MTV's reality hit "The Osbournes," has agreed to host a syndicated daytime show for Warner Bros. The studio hopes to roll it out next fall, sources say, though the Warner Bros. division Telepictures Productions says it does not comment on its development.

Sharon Osbourne is a beleaguered mother of three, a cancer patient and used to be really fat -- the Daytime Talk TV Trifecta.

So it's no wonder Warner Bros. wants her to do the show. What is a wee bit surprising, in light of her interview with Barbara Walters broadcast this past Wednesday, is learning that Osbourne wants to do the daily show.

During that "20/20" broadcast, Osbourne moaned and groaned up a storm about how doing 10 episodes a season of the weekly MTV series -- which, by the way, she masterminded and over which, according to the ABC News report, she has complete creative control -- has so changed her life that if she had to do it all over again, she would not have done the series.

Of course, then she would not have become a household name and would not have been offered this lucrative deal to host this new daily talk show, which will be shot in front of a live audience and tackle a single subject a day, like "Oprah."

"The Osbournes," Sharon complained, has changed her children so much that they now have agents and managers. And don't you just know that the children of Ozzy Osbourne were otherwise completely normal before doing an MTV show.

Mama Osbourne also stated that she hated the effect the show was having on her and her family so much that she would kill it after this season's 10 episodes.

To be exact, she said "This is definitely the last year. We can't do it any more. . . . It's not even a year. It's probably another . . . 10 shows and I'm out."

Earlier in the week, when ABC teased the interview to drum up publicity for the "20/20" broadcast, it used a portion of Osbourne's statement. In response, she quickly put out a statement "reacting . . . to reports" that she would call it quits from "The Osbournes." Of course, "the reports" were from Sharon herself.

But, with no trace of irony, Osbourne claimed in her statement, blasted to the media by MTV: "I have every intention of fulfilling our commitment to MTV for a full 20 episodes. I love my MTV."

Kim Delaney, who was added to the cast of "CSI: Miami" to butt heads and create wonderful chemistry with star David Caruso, has been rubbed out of the series.

Delaney will leave after episode No. 10, which has been shot and will air on Nov. 25.

CBS said in a statement that the actress's exit was a joint decision of the network and the producers "upon recognizing that the character of Megan Donner was becoming less integral to the series as the season progressed."

That's odd because Delaney's character was not a member of the original cast featured in the "pilot" episode, which aired in the Thursday "CSI" time slot last spring. In that so-called "backdoor pilot," which introduced the cast who would spin off into their own show this fall, Caruso and "CSI" star Marg Helgenberger had pots of chemistry going on.

So, according to one source, the producers decided to add Delaney. . . . I know, it made sense to someone.

At some point over the past few weeks, CBS and the producers decided that Delaney is no Helgenberger, which we could've told them ages ago and saved them lots of money.

Sharon Osbourne has decided to add to her misery with a daytime show.