Vicious Storms

* Crashing thunder woke up lots of people around here yesterday morning, but we were lucky: The same storms already had ripped through more than a half-dozen states, killing at least 35 people.

The long band of storms stretched from Louisiana to Pennsylvania and included several tornadoes.

A tornado in Ohio blasted apart a theater and smashed two cars just minutes after "The Santa Clause 2" ended. Meteorologists believe that that tornado had winds topping 200 mph.

In Van Wert, Ohio, theater manager Scott Shaffer had about five minutes to get moviegoers into a safe space after a weather radio squawked a tornado warning. Officials said Shaffer saved lots of lives.

Tornado warnings were issued in several areas of Maryland and Virginia yesterday morning, but the real danger passed us by.

In Carbon Hill, Alabama, giant trees crashed onto homes. "Everybody's house is just totally gone. My son doesn't even know where his house is," said Sheryl Wakefield. "It's gone. It's just gone."

Sunday's unusually warm weather, followed by a cold front, made the conditions ripe for tornadoes.

Clock Ticking for Iraq

* President George W. Bush and the United Nations agree: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein must get rid of his most dangerous weapons. If he doesn't, there could be war.

The 15 nations of the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously last Friday that Iraq must disarm and allow weapons inspectors to make sure the country is following the rules of the U.N. resolution.

Iraq has until Friday to announce whether it will accept the resolution. If Iraq goes along with the United Nations, it will have 30 days to let other countries know what weapons it has. Iraq also must allow U.N. inspectors into the country.

-- From staff and wire reports

Tornadoes dropped cars into an Ohio theater.