Dear Heloise:

Every year I get a new monthly reminder book, which includes a place for addresses and telephone numbers. It's a pain to have to rewrite all the information each year. I make computer labels with addresses and telephone numbers, which I then put in the book. The information can easily be changed by merely placing new labels over the old.

Labels can even be typed in larger letters, and copies can be printed for family and friends. It makes a great gift, especially for older parents and relatives.

Mary Lynn Fairchild, Rochester, Ill.

I, too, get a yearly pocket-size calendar, and years ago made a master list on the computer. I just delete or update info, print it, then cut and glue the list on blank pages. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but it works for me.

Dear Heloise:

My sister gave me this idea, and I've added to it:

The plastic containers that most Parmesan cheese comes in with the screw-in lids and double-sided hinge openings -- one side sprinkles, and the other side pours -- are great for storing a lot of powdered items that generally are purchased in packages that can't be resealed.

I started with keeping my cornstarch in one, and then found it worked well for baking soda. And I can think of a lot of other ideas, such as powdered or brown sugar and powdered laundry detergent in the bathroom for hand washables. The possibilities are endless.

Jo Stephens, via e-mailDear Heloise:

If you wish to consume a frozen dinner away from the kitchen table without risking a hot spill, simply take a regular dinner plate and one piece of paper towel. Fold the paper towel into quarters, dampen it under the tap and place it in the center of the dinner plate. Once the frozen dinner comes out of the microwave, place the container on the damp paper towel. The moisture in the towel acts as a temporary bond between the plate and plastic container, keeping it in one place without sliding and risking a spill. Cleanup afterward is a snap.

Rev. Gary Radey IFM

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