Why not be a scarfer of scarves?

If we can have multiple coats (suede, shearling, quilted, pea), why not a sundry of scarves? Don't wear one when you can mix two. Dinky scarves are for dinky winters. Our necks prefer soft kisses but thick, durable, wool scarves. All the cool cats are wearing pinks, purples, stripes (vertical and horizontal), reversible and cashmere anything. And the dangles have it: fringe, string, stones.

Scarves mean that fall is turning into winter and snow days and snow boots aren't far behind.

This season standouts are supersize scarves. A skinny scarf that offers nine feet of Burberry stripes leaves its six-foot predecessors in the cedar closet. We like them bundled multiple times around the neck so as to keep the face warm . . . or hidden from ex-boyfriends. Or knotted once and billowing loosely down. (But be careful. It's an autumn faux pas to trip on one's own scarf.)

That's a wrap.

-- Janelle Erlichman

Skinny Warp Stripe, $100. Available at Burberry.Outbrook sky blue scarf with snowflake stitching, $4.92. Available at Wal-Mart.Long schoolboy in brown and blue stripe, $59. Available at Club Monaco.Skinny big stripe vintage, $155. Available at Burberry.Skim skinny reversible scarf in olive, white and camel, $99. Available at Girlshop.com.Anna Kula long multi-fringe crocheted scarf, $96. Available at Girlshop.com.