Dear Heloise:

What is the standard time frame for washing bed linens? This would involve bedding for two adults who bathe at least once every day. Is it two times a week, once a week or once every two weeks?

Trisha, via e-mail

Well, the answer to this question is really based on individual preference. However, we took an unscientific poll in my office and found that the majority wash sheets once a week, while twice a week was also mentioned.

One of my assistants (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons) said that her college-age son didn't wash his bedsheets for several months, and she tossed them out rather than try to clean them! Readers, what do you have to say?

Dear Heloise:

I just read the suggestion about adding a mashed potato to the yolks to make extra stuffing when making deviled eggs. I have a suggestion, too:

Since an egg white or two always break or get dinged or cracked when peeling and halving them, those that are too damaged or unsightly should get smashed up with the yolk filling. I always have enough filling to make nice, full deviled eggs.

Lori, via e-mail

Yumm! Deviled eggs are tasty, and this is a good way to stretch the recipe while cutting out a few calories.

Dear Heloise:

Sore, swollen hands kept driving from being the pleasure it once was for me. I looked for driving gloves to soften the shock of the steering wheel, but found none in stock. I settled for weightlifters' gloves, and they are even better because they provide more padding in the palm where the pain is.

Jerry Hatfield

Texarkana, Tex.

Dear Heloise:

Since my face and eye creams are in identical containers, the writing on the jars is very small, and reading without my contacts is impossible, it became necessary to find an alternative way to identify them. I attached a different, brightly colored dot to the bottom of each container. This saves fumbling for glasses or using the wrong cream.

Ann D., Forney, Tex.

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