One week's worth of news. Four questions. Three winners. That's the News Quiz. Ready? Begin:

1. Several African countries have been given permission to sell ivory. What animal does ivory come from?

2. What Democratic congresswoman made history last week when she was elected minority leader of the House of Representatives?

3. Who was named the American League's Most Valuable Player?

4. See this lovely stuffed animal? From what U.S. president does it take its name?

Send your completed quiz -- with name, age, address and phone number -- to: Nov. 19 News Quiz, KidsPost, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071. Or fax it: 202-496-3780. Or e-mail it (with "Nov. 19 News Quiz" in the subject field): We'll pick three winners from all the correct entries we receive by Nov. 23. This week's prizes: a KidsPost T-shirt, plus one item from the KSSPSUHWWAT.

Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Republican. 2. Titanic.

3. Emmitt Smith. 4. Medal of Honor.

Winners: Candace Green, 9, Washington; Jemila Rice, 9, Washington; Naomi Shagam, 12, Arlington.

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