Music Warner Williams is one of the last of the area's great acoustic blues guitarists, playing mainly in the fingerpicked Piedmont style. He's joined by harmonica ace Jay Summerour in the duo Little Bit o' Blues that doesn't get out that much anymore, but Friday they'll be at the Starland Cafe. Call 202-244-9396.

-- Eric Brace Exhibition "High on Life: Transcending Addiction" sounds like art therapy churned out by some rehab group -- earnest, a little bit hokey and not necessarily containing much in the way of decent art -- but that's certainly not the case with this exhibition at Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum. It's big, beautiful, complex, harrowing, and, as it should be, often as funny as it is uplifting. Call 410-244-1900.

-- Michael O'Sullivan

Film Maybe we're just elitist suckers for private school movies, but "The Emperor's Club" is an entertaining, touching movie about a professor (Kevin Kline) whose battle of wills with an unruly student (Emile Hirsch) lasts many years.

-- Desson Howe Theater

In three frothy one-acts by Hungarian dramatist Ferenc Molnar under the title "All the World," Washington Stage Guild explores the mores of self-absorbed theater folk in an elegant, trouble-free Central Europe, pre-World War II -- a fine way to get lost in the past for a couple of hours. At Arena Stage's 14th and T streets NW space (former home of Arena Stage's community outreach program) through Dec. 1. Call 240-582-0050.

-- Jane Horwitz

Tim Fowler's "Demon

Rum," from

the "High

on Life: Transcending Addiction" show.