U.N. Inspectors Arrive In Iraq

* The first team of United Nations inspectors landed in Iraq yesterday. Their job: to discover whether Saddam Hussein is building outlawed weapons.

The team arrived in Baghdad loaded down with high-tech sensors, computers and other gear. One of the first things the inspectors will do is check on cameras and other monitoring equipment left behind by earlier inspectors.

U.N. inspections were part of the deal Iraq agreed to after it lost the Gulf War a decade ago. But inspectors stopped the task in 1998, claiming Hussein was keeping them from looking where they liked.

"We come here with, let's say, hope that things will go well this time, and we will get what is required of Iraq," said the U.N.'s Melissa Fleming, who flew in with the inspectors.

President Bush has threatened to attack Iraq if that country doesn't give up its weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqis must send a letter by Dec. 8 listing what weapons they have. So far, they've said they don't have any.

Bush Approves Security Department

* President Bush signed a law yesterday creating a Department of Homeland Security. It will work to prevent terrorist attacks on the United States.

"We can neither predict nor prevent every conceivable attack," Bush said at a White House ceremony. " . . . Yet our government will take every possible measure to safeguard our country and our people."

Bush said he would nominate White House adviser Tom Ridge to head the new agency. Ridge would join the Cabinet, the group of men and women who lead the various parts of the government and report directly to the president.

Ridge has a tough but important job: screening out would-be attackers without slowing down the millions of people who live in and visit the United States.

-- From staff and wire reports

U.N. arms inspectors arrive in Baghdad.