Who Gets Sniper Reward?

* He led the hunt to catch the snipers. Now Chief Moose has another challenge: helping decide who should get the $500,000 reward.

Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose said yesterday that he would head the team that hands out the money. It won't be an easy decision.

Police said a Pennsylvania man was the first to call them to report seeing a blue Chevrolet Caprice in which suspects John Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were sleeping Oct. 24 at a Maryland rest stop.

However, investigators also have said that others helped them track down Muhammad and Malvo, including a Washington state friend of the pair and a Virginia priest who received a call believed to be from one of the suspects.

"I would beg of you, do not be surprised, do not be upset if the process takes awhile, if it does not take place immediately," Moose said.

No Games at Zany Brainy

* Pretty soon you won't be able to buy video games at Zany Brainy.

Zany Brainy, which stresses educational toys, had sold only E-rated video games. Those have content that is appropriate for all ages. The store decided not to sell T-rated titles, which are geared toward teens. But more and more games are T-rated because of violent scenes. So Zany Brainy decided to just stop selling video games altogether.

"Our typical customer has kids between the ages of 3 and 10, and we felt like there weren't a lot of titles that were geared toward children of that age," said Zany Brainy's Renee Hollinger.

Zany Brainy will discount the remaining games this week at its 170 stores.

-- From staff and wire reports

Chief Charles Moose, right, with Tim Blixseth, who put up $50,000 toward the reward.