India: McAloo Tikki Burger (right). A totally vegetarian sandwich, with regular bun, a crispy, breaded spicy potato and vegetable patty, eggless tomato mayonnaise, two slices of tomatoes and shredded onion.

France: Croque McDo. Cheese and ham between two thin pieces of toasted bread.

Italy: McPink. Two pork patties with a slice of yellow cheese between them.

The Netherlands: McKroket. A burger made of beef ragout with a crispy layer around it. It's topped with a mustard/mayonnaise sauce.

New Zealand: Kiwi Burger. A hamburger with a fried egg and a slice of pickled beet.

Australia: McOz Burger. Same as the Kiwi Burger, but without the egg.

Turkey: Kofte Burger. A spicy meat patty inside a flavored bun, enriched with a special yogurt mix and spiced tomato sauce.

Philippines: McSpaghetti. Pasta in a red sauce with frankfurter bits.

South Korea: Bulgogi Burger. Pork patty on a bun with lettuce and spicy garlic bulgogi sauce.

China: Hong Dou Pie (below). A dessert pie filled with red bean paste.

Argentina: McNifica. Hamburger sandwich with cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce.

Uruguay: McHuevo. A hamburger with mayonnaise and a poached egg.

Egypt: McFalafel. Deep-fried patties of ground beans flavored with spices.

Israel: Kosher food. Seven of the 80 or so McDonald's in Israel are kosher, meaning they follow strict Jewish dietary rules. Dairy and meat can't be prepared in the same area or eaten together, so at kosher McDonald's there's no dairy at all: no cheeseburgers, milkshakes or sundaes.

United Kingdom. Mega Button Blast. Vanilla ice cream that you eat after breaking through a Cadbury chocolate lid.

Greece: Greek Mac. Pita bread sandwich with two beef patties based on a Greek recipe and some yogurt sauce.

Japan: Teriyaki Burger. Chicken cutlet patty marinated in teriyaki sauce, with sweet mayonnaise and sliced lettuce on a sesame bun.

Germany: Gemu{dier}se Ma{dier}c. A veggie burger with lettuce, tomatoes and special "wu{dier}rzcreme" sauce.