Dear Abby:

I had to chuckle when I read the letter from "J.D. in California," who said she enjoyed "parking" with her husband. Your answer was right on when you advised that it is against the law in most places.

My husband and I also suffered from the "same old routine" boredom.

We found a great spot to park and just as things were really heating up, my husband looked out the window and spied a deputy sheriff's car pulling to a stop.

Thank goodness the young officer was sensitive. He gave us time to get our clothes back on before approaching the car. He checked our IDs and ran the car's plates.

He told us that he and his wife had been busted for parking before they were married, apologized for disturbing us and went on his way.

We always think fondly of him, because he could have arrested us.

We can laugh about it now. However, we are more careful about where we spice things up these days.

Adventurous in Mattoon, Ill.

Other couples who consider steaming up the car windows should take that advice to heart.

Dear Abby:

Your answer to the woman who regained her interest in sex by parking with her husband was good as far as it went.

She may like "danger," but she may also NOT like sex in the workplace, which is what her home has become for her -- a place where she's expected to behave with wanton abandon on sheets she has washed, in a bed she has made and under which there may be dust she needs to clean.

I was determined to prove this to my husband, so I showed up at his office wearing nothing but a trench coat and spike heels.

To my surprise, he eagerly locked the door and performed right there on the desk. That's when I realized that men think differently than women.

Now Separated in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Vive la difference!

Dear Abby:

After reading the letter from the wife who found a cure for her lagging libido by parking with her husband, I ran to read it to my husband. We both laughed because it could have been written by us!

We've been married 19 years, and a few years ago my libido began losing its "spark." We discovered that parking helped.

We also found that when our budget allows, a hotel room for a night works, too. And it's a lot safer than a parking lot.

I'm glad you told her there was nothing "wrong," and I'd like to add that she should feel fortunate they discovered a remedy that didn't require the hours and cost of therapy.

Happy in St. Louis

Right on! There's nothing like "do it yourself"!

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