Dear Heloise:

I've been receiving packages for the holiday season filled with those white foam peanuts used to protect the items being shipped. Didn't you print a place where one could take these for recycling?

V.W., via e-mail

You bet! The Plastic Loose Fill Producers Council will be glad to give you the location of one or more businesses in your area. They take bags of foam peanuts and reuse them for shipping. Since most of the places are mail or packaging businesses, the peanuts come in handy, especially during the holiday season.

Call 800-828-2214 and have a pen and paper ready to write the names and addresses of businesses. You will not talk to a person; a recorded message will give you the information you need.

Dear Heloise:

Can you think of a way to reuse or recycle the plastic cases that music and game CDs come in?

Sally Matter, Dauphin, Pa.

Don't toss them! The cases can be used for other things. Try these:

* Use a CD case as a coaster -- insert a pretty drink napkin.

* Put a photo in one and glue a magnetic strip to the back, then put it on the fridge.

* Use one to hold a recipe card upright. Just insert a card, leave the case slightly open and stand it up. It helps protect recipes from spills and splatters.

Dear Heloise:

My husband repairs speakers, and he gets his speaker-cover fabric at local fabric stores. They carry the right fabric for the job.

Just thought I would pass this along.

Brenda, New Haven, Ind.

Thanks for sharing the info. This will be helpful to the reader who recently asked what to do about wax spilling down the front of a stereo speaker -- re-cover it!

Dear Heloise:

I have to agree with anyone who is disappointed to find that early-bird shoppers have been to a garage sale before the appointed starting time. A gentleman in my town seemed to have the solution. He included in his newspaper ad: "All sales before 8 a.m., double price."

Barbara M., Fort Myers, Fla.

Love it! Hope it works for others!

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