December 9-15, 2002

Monday 9

Birthdays Comedian Redd Foxx (1922). Computer pioneer Grace Murray Hopper (1906). 'Wizard of Oz' Wicked Witch of the West Margaret Hamilton (1902). Poet John Milton (1609).

On This Date "A Charlie Brown Christmas" premiered (1965).

Today National Pastry Day.

Tuesday 10

Birthdays Bethesda KidsPost reader Miriam Foster (1986). Actress Raven-Symone (1985). Violinist Sarah Chang (1980). Dewey decimal system inventor Melvil Dewey (1851). Poet Emily Dickinson (1830). Deaf education pioneer Thomas Gallaudet (1787).

On This Date The Spanish-American war ended (1898). Activist Jane Addams became the first American woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize (1931). Martin Luther King, Jr. became the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize (1964).

Today Human Rights Day.

Wednesday 11

Birthdays The Jackson 5's Jermaine Jackson (1954).

On This Date The first recorded sighting of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, took place in New England (1719). Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback of Louisiana became the country's first African American governor (1872). The United Nations established UNICEF, a relief fund for kids living in war torn countries (1946). Delegates at the Kyoto, Japan conference on global warming agreed to cut global pollution levels by 2012 (1997).

Today ah, Wednesday.

Thursday 12

Birthdays Arlington KidsPost reader Jacqueline Mashborn (1995). Potomac KidsPost reader Daniel Friedman (1993). "The Price is Right's" Bob Barker (1923). Singer Frank Sinatra (1915). Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1863). can we get 'the scream' for art?

On This Date Joseph Hayne Rainey of South Carolina became the first African American delegate to the House of Representatives (1870). A radio signal was broadcast across the Atlantic ocean for the first time by inventor Guglielmo Marconi (1901). Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa," which was stolen in Paris in 1911, was recovered in Florence, Italy (1913). The first motel, the Motel Inn, opened in California (1925).

Today Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. Jamhuri Day in Kenya-commemorates the country's independence from Britain in in 1963.

Friday 13

Birthdays Comedian Jamie Foxx (1967). Silver Spring KidsPost reader O.T. Lincoln Plummer (1992).

On This Date Despite receiving more popular votes nationwide, Al Gore conceded the presidential election to George Bush after the Supreme Court ruled against a recount of votes in Florida (2000).

Today Friday the 13th.

Saturday 14

Birthdays Sterling KidsPost reader Scott Brachter (1990). Predictor of the future Nostradamus (1503).

On This Date The South Pole was located by explorer Ronald Amundsen with four human companions and 52 sled dogs (1911).

Today Holiday gift idea: give you loved ones something you know they will like-their own stuff. Find something in their closet and wrap it up.

Sunday 15

Birthdays Tower engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (1832).

On This Date The first 10 amendments of the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights, took effect after being ratified by Virginia (1791).

Today Tell Someone They're Doing A Good Job Week.


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