Gore: No More

* Former vice president Al Gore had a busy weekend. First, he hosted "Saturday Night Live" and then he announced he won't run for president in 2004.

Many people had thought that Gore might run again because more people voted for him than for George W. Bush in the 2000 election. But Gore said that if he ran, people would be talking about the past -- the 2000 election -- and not the issues that the country has to deal with in the future.

With Gore not running, that means the Democratic Party will look at lots of leaders before choosing who will run for president in 2004. Some people already are thinking about running, including Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, who was Gore's vice presidential running mate in 2000.

For those of you who have forgotten: Bush became president because he got more votes in the Electoral College. Usually, the Electoral College votes are just like the popular vote, but because the election was so close, the vote was split. The Constitution says the winner is decided by the Electoral College.

Bringing Down

The House

* Here are the numbers: 355 pounds of explosives, 500 holes, 20 seconds.

That's what it took to bring down the US Airways Arena in Landover on Sunday. Crews drilled 500 holes in key parts of the building where many concerts and sports events had been held. They then placed the explosives in the holes. Once the explosives were set off, the building collapsed in 20 seconds.

About 200 people, including lots of kids, watched as the building imploded. Implosion is when a building collapses by falling in on itself. A big shopping complex will be built where the arena stood.

-- From staff reports

US Airways Arena went down Sunday morning.