6 and Older

"Treasure Planet" (PG). Disney's dazzling animated retelling of "Treasure Island" set in outer space that looks like Olde England, filled with great characters; troubled teen Jim (voice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and ditzy scientist Doppler (David Hyde Pierce) hire space galleon to follow treasure map, while ship's cook John Silver (Brian Murray) plots to grab the loot. Scary exploding supernova; understated deaths; comically windy alien speaks Flatulent language; theme of Jim's father abandoning family.

PG-13's and a PG Art Film More for Teens "Two Weeks Notice." Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock well matched in smart romantic comedy about the jokey, platonic (at first) rapport between a millionaire playboy and the ultra-ethical, workaholic public interest lawyer he hires to organize his philanthropy and improve his image. Mildly off-color sexual innuendo; toilet humor; drunkenness.

"Evelyn" (PG). Pierce Brosnan in touching, well-acted, yet oddly subdued film, based on true story, about an unemployed single father in 1950s Dublin who wins his children back from church/state foster care with help of three lawyers (Aidan Quinn, Alan Bates, Stephen Rea). Heavy drinking, smoking; rare mild profanity; mild sexual innuendo; death scene; muted violence.

"Maid in Manhattan." Jennifer Lopez as hotel maid and single parent of a gifted boy (Tyler Posey) falls for Ralph Fiennes as playboy politician, in painfully contrived romantic comedy that teen girls may yet enjoy. Rare profanity; mild sexual innuendo; gently implied sexual situation and overnight tryst; back view of naked man; subplot about a depressed child.

"Star Trek: Nemesis." Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) literally meets his match on finding that the new leader of Romulans is a clone of his younger self (Tom Hardy) and spoiling for a fight, in fourth film based on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV characters -- somewhat diverting but looking tired. Mild sexual situation, in which a villain's "mind meld" turns into an implied psychic rape; gunplay, fights, impalement.

"Drumline." Irresistibly likable tale about talented New York teen (Nick Cannon) who goes to a historically black college in Atlanta on scholarship for his drum playing, only to hear from band director (Orlando Jones) he's got too much attitude and not enough discipline for a show-style marching band; it's great fun to watch him learn. Rare profanity, mild sexual innuendo.

"Die Another Day." Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry ooze class in 40th anniversary James Bond film, a somewhat somber installment, low on humor, high on realpolitik and endless vehicular chases, with Judi Dench, John Cleese still fun as Bond's boss and gadget guru, respectively, in British intelligence. Steamy but non-explicit, sexual situations; scantily clad women; much sexual innuendo; shootings, fights, swordplay, battlefield mayhem. May seem a bit tired to teens.


"Gangs of New York." Director Martin Scorsese's roiling, violent, operatic, alternately spectacular and unwatchable period piece about 19th-century Manhattan gang wars between Irish immigrants and native-born Americans, with Leonardo DiCaprio as son of murdered Irish gangleader who plots revenge against rival gang leader (astounding Daniel Day-Lewis). Graphic bloodlettings; racial, ethnic slurs; explicit sexual situations; semi-nudity. 17 and older.