Shaq Jumps the Broom He didn't beat the Sacramento Kings on Christmas, but maybe Shaquille O'Neal had other things on his mind.

The 30-year-old L.A. Lakers basketball superstar married his longtime girlfriend, Shaunie Nelson, yesterday in a ceremony in Beverly Hills. The impending wedding had been widely rumored, but to keep the media at bay, details such as the actual location were kept secret even from guests.

But when word spread that a band was practicing in the courtyard of the Beverly Hills Hotel, and bomb-sniffing dogs were seen passing through the ballrooms, the secret was out. Soon reporters and TV cameras clustered around the hotel, only to catch little more than a glimpse of the 7-foot-1 center arriving in an outsize Cadillac Escalade. He was followed by a caravan of limousines and luxury cars.

Inside the hotel, amid the white roses draped on chandeliers and potted cherry trees in bloom, were tuxedoed security guards speaking to each other through earpieces.

The couple have been together for years, with two children and a third on the way. They also raise Nelson's son from a previous marriage.

Eastwood Sues Over Biography Actor and director Clint Eastwood has filed a $10 million libel suit against the author and publisher of an unauthorized biography. Eastwood is contending that the book "Clint: The Life and Legend" wrongly portrays him as an atheist, a coward and a wife-beater.

"Clint Eastwood is not only an icon in the entertainment industry but he is also a family man," said Eastwood's lawyer, Marshall Grossman. "He is entitled to have what is written about him be accurate and truthful."

Paul Sleven, general counsel for St. Martin's Press, the book's publisher, declined to comment because the case is in litigation but said the publisher was confident the book was accurate.

Author Patrick McGilligan echoed those sentiments. "The book is fair and honest to the best of my ability," he said.

"Clint" was published in the United States in August after being available for several years in Britain. Grossman said the suit was being filed now because the book was filled with errors and is harming Eastwood's reputation. The suit said that the book falsely claimed that Eastwood, now 72, "cold-cocked" his first wife and that he was "dead scared" to go to Korea during his military service.

Leaving the Nest

It's not like they were dating or anything . . .

The Black Crowes might have broken up. Then again, they might not have. Lead singer Chris Robinson says even he doesn't know for sure.

"It's like any relationship," the scrawny husband of actress Kate Hudson tells Spin magazine in next month's issue. "When it dissolves, no matter how it dissolves . . . it's still raw."

The Southern rock band, which first rose to prominence in 1990, announced last year that it was going on hiatus while Robinson, 36, pursued a solo career. His debut album, "New Earth Mud," came out in October.

"Last Halloween, when I walked away from the last meeting, it was kinda like, 'Well, see ya when we see ya.' Since then some people have quit," said Robinson, who formed the band with his guitarist brother, Rich.

"I love the Black Crowes and I love my brother. He's one of the most unbelievably talented people I've ever met. It has nothing to do with loving him. But change is inevitable."

In other words: Rich, call your brother.

Patriotic Human Tricks David Letterman spent Christmas Day with U.S. troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The CBS "Late Show" host flew into the U.S. base there on Christmas Eve and dined with the troops, according to military officials. He was also scheduled to visit Bagram air base, the U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan, but the trip was canceled because of bad weather.

-- Compiled by Pete L. Zanko

from staff and wire reports

Shaquille O'Neal kept reporters in the dark on details surrounding his wedding, while Clint Eastwood says an unauthorized biography has the story of a previous marriage all wrong.