A lot happened in 2002. Some of it momentous. Some of it...strange. We've included both in our third annual KidsPost End of Year News Quiz. The rules are simple: Answer these questions. Send us your answers by . We'll pick one winner from among all the correct entries. That kid will receive a CD personal stereo and a KidsPost T-shirt. And, of course, his or her name in KidsPost, ensuring fame, if not fortune.

This is an "open-book" test. That means you can go the library in search of the answers, or ask an adult. Good luck. And Happy New Year!

1. Dave Thomas, the creator of a fast food chain, died in 2002. What restaurant did he start?

a. McDonald's

b. Burger King

c. Wendy's

d. Thomas's English Muffin Cafe

2. President Bush fainted and bruised his face after getting what stuck in his throat:

a. a pretzel

b. an ice cube

c. a potato chip

d. a Thomas's English Muffin

3. Linda Sue Park's novel about a Korean boy apprenticed to a potter won the Newbery Medal. What was it called?

a. "Korean Potter's Apprentice Boy"

b. "A Single Shard"

c. "A Sliver of Clay"

d. "Tree-Ear's Tale"

4. Because of security concerns, what items were banned from Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans?

a. big foam fingers

b. noisemakers

c. Frisbees

d. all of the above

5. A bankrupt Texas energy company was in the news, as Congress investigated it for wrongdoing. What is it called?

a. Unron

b. Anron

c. Onron

d. Enron

6. Marie Reine Le Gougne was a judge at the Olympic pairs ice skating event in Salt Lake City. She was accused of mishandling her scores. What country is she from?

a. Canada

b. United States

c. France

d. Russia

7. A paleontologist digging in a stone quarry in England discovered the world's oldest what?

a. fish and chips wrapper

b. dinosaur vomit

c. dinosaur poop

d. knock-knock joke

8. Washington Wizard Michael Jordan missed the end of last season due to an injury to his what?

a. knee

b. neck

c. elbow

d. pride

9. The men's basketball team from the University of Maryland won the NCAA championship in 2002. Who coached the team?

a. William Gary

b. Gary Williams

c. Gary Coleman

d. Gary Indiana

10. The president of Venezuela lost his job for a few days when members of the military kicked him out of office. What is his name?

a. Hugo Chavez

b. Juan Valdez

c. Jean Valjean

d. Alberto Fujimori

11. How were scientists able to control the movement of lab rats?

a. by asking them nicely

b. by learning to speak the rats' language

c. by inserting electrodes into the rats' brains

d. with special rat whistles

12. Part of an island north of Australia became its own country in 2002. What is it called?

a. North Timor

b. South Timor

c. East Timor

d. West Timor

13. Scientists in Israel were able to breed what interesting animal?

a. a fish without scales

b. a cow without horns

c. a pig without feet

d. a chicken without feathers

14. The Washington Post turned how old in 2002?

a. 10 years

b. 75 years

c. 100 years

d. 125 years

15. Steve Spurrier was hired to coach what Washington team?

a. the Capitals

b. the Freedom

c. the Terps

d. the Redskins

16. Representatives from around Afghanistan assembled to pick Hamid Karzai as that country's interim leader. What was the gathering called?

a. loya jirga

b. hoya gurgla

c. The Gathering

d. Afghanapalooza

17. The annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall celebrated what famous byway?

a. the Hampton Roads

b. the Silk Road

c. Ventura Highway

d. Rockville Pike

18. D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams was reelected. But his campaign had some problems. What happened?

a. there were fake names and signatures on his nominating petitions

b. he forgot to return an overdue library book

c. all of the above

d. none of the above

19. Betty the crow wowed scientists by doing what to get some food?

a. flying into a grocery store

b. ordering pizza with her beak

c. bending a wire into a hook and using it to pull food from a tube

d. planting corn seeds

20. President Bush anounced that the U.S. government would be prepared to vaccinate everyone against what disease?

a. smallpox

b. bigpox

c. tuberculosis

d. cooties

21. What former U.S. president won the Nobel Peace Prize this year?

a. Gerald Ford

b. Ronald Reagan

c. Bill Clinton

d. Jimmy Carter

22. What furry mascot inspired the Anaheim Angels in the World Series?

a. the Rally Bear

b. the Rally Lemur

c. the Rally Monkey

d. Willie, the Overachieving Okapi

23. John Muhammad and Jon Lee Malvo, suspects in the string of sniper shootings, were arrested at a rest stop in what county?

a. Montgomery

b. Prince George's

c. Fairfax

d. Frederick

24. After Election Day, Nov. 5, the Republican Party had control of what?

a. the House of Representatives

b. the Senate

c. the White House

d. all of the above

25. What popular toy was inspired 100 years ago by an editorial cartoon in The Washington Post?

a. Beyblades

b. Rapunzel Barbie

c. Teddy Bear

d. Raggedy Ann

26. What is the name of the Montgomery County Police chief who led the search for the snipers?

a. Chief Moose

b. Chief Elk

c. Chief Deer

d. Chief Bull

27. What international organization voted to demand that weapons inspectors be allowed back into Iraq?

a. the United Countries

b. the United Nations

c. the League of Justice

d. the American League

Contest Rules

1. This contest is open to kids ages 13 and under. No purchase required.

2. Enter by mailing the official entry form, or a photocopy--with your name, age, address and phone number--to: 2002 News Quiz, KidsPost, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071. Only one entry per reader.

3. All entries must be received by Jan. 21, 2003.

4. Only entries with name, age, address and telephone number will be eligible for the prize.

5. The winning entry will be the one that correctly answers all the questions. In the event that more than one entrant has answered all the questions correctly, there will be a random drawing of those entries. The winning entry will be announced by Feb. 7.

6. Employees of The Washington Post and their immediate relatives are not eligible for the prize.

7. Entries become the property of The Washington Post.

8. By entering you agree to have your name or likeness used by The Washington Post.

9. The prize consists of a CD player. Estimated retail value is $75.

10. The odds of winning will be determined by the number of eligible entries.