That's Mr. Ass to You Jack Ass is taking "Jackass" to court.

After changing his name from Bob Craft to Jack Ass in 1997, a Montana man is suing media giant Viacom Inc., alleging the stunt-laden MTV series and movie "Jackass" defamed him.

The electrical lineman changed his name as part of a crusade against drunken driving after his brother and a friend were killed in a car crash.

Ass will be representing himself in the $10 million lawsuit.

Baltimore's Road Show Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley hopes the Broadway musical "Hairspray" -- based on John Waters's 1988 film depicting Baltimore in the '60s -- will draw tourists to Charm City.

Waters appears in a full-page ad for Baltimore in the "Hairspray" edition of Playbill.

"See the city that inspired the show," Waters is quoted in the advertisement.

The ad was suggested by Bill Gilmore, executive director of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. Gilmore accompanied O'Malley to see the production in New York last week.

"It was very obvious that this is a real tribute to our city," said Gilmore, "and it's a wonderful opportunity to see it as a catalyst for all kinds of things."

Ventura's Personal Moving Van

With less than a week left in office, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura bought himself a going-away present -- a new set of wheels.

Ventura was seen showing off his new, copper-colored Hummer outside the state capitol Tuesday. Sliding into the driver's seat, Ventura shouted, "It'll knock your socks off!" and proceeded to pump Led Zeppelin songs from the vehicle's 10-speaker sound system.

Ventura will drive away from the governor's mansion Monday when his successor, Tim Pawlenty, takes the oath of office.

A Knockout Ali Exhibit in Works A two-floor exhibit at the Muhammad Ali Center is scheduled to open in downtown Louisville in late 2004, telling the life story of the Kentucky native.

Preliminary work "blew Muhammad's socks right off," said the boxer's wife, Lonnie Ali. The tribute touches on Ali's life from childhood to heavyweight champion, and examines his turbulent years as a member of the Nation of Islam. "We want to show the dichotomy of Ali," said project director Barry Alberts.

For Don King, an Unpopular Path Atlantic City residents are upset about a plan to designate a stretch of Mississippi Avenue as Don King Boulevard.

"I grew up on Mississippi Avenue and I never saw him on my playground," said resident Joseph LaTorre, who suggested naming the street after a successful local merchant or priest, instead of the controversial boxing promoter.

Although tabled once, the proposal will be re-introduced to the City Council agenda at a later date.

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John Waters is stumping for Baltimore, while Jesse Ventura is revved for a quick getaway from office.