Oil Spill Continues* The oil tanker that broke up in a storm two months ago and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is still spilling oil, causing damage along the coasts of Spain, Portugal and France.

The crew of a French submarine plugged eight holes in the tanker, which is about two miles below the ocean's surface. But there are a dozen other holes in the ship that are leaking about 21,000 gallons of thick fuel oil each day, according to rescue officials and environmentalists.

France's oyster industry has been hurt by the spill, and hotel managers and shop owners in beach towns are worried that tourists will stay away this summer.

Rescuers each day find about 30 seabirds stranded on shore. Upon contact with the oil, the birds' feathers stop being "waterproof." That drops the birds' body temperature. The birds also use their beaks to pick at the oil, causing poisoning.

Separated Twins Return

To Guatemala

* The Guatemalan twins who were born joined at the head left a Los Angeles hospital Monday. Each of the 17-month-old girls wore a pink crown.

Maria de Jesus and Maria Teresa Quiej Alvarez had been hospitalized since June 7. Doctors performed a difficult operation to separate the girls in August. Maria Teresa then needed two more operations, but now both girls are doing very well.

In the first days after the operation, nurses noticed them reaching to the tops of their heads, feeling for each other. Now, nurses say, the girls are fascinated by the sight of each other's face.

The girls are now in a hospital in Guatemala City with their parents. Doctors and nurses flew home with the girls and their parents to help the family get used to their new life.

-- From staff and wire reports

Twins Maria de Jesus, left, and Maria Teresa Quiej Alvarez return with family members.