Dear Abby:

I am an 11th-grade girl. Our student handbook states that "public display of affection is discouraged at school and could result in disciplinary action." If this is true, shouldn't a student also get in trouble for sexual harassment?

A guy in one of my classes has been touching, grabbing and pinching me. I told some of my girlfriends, and two of them said he does the same thing to them. We hadn't wanted to tell each other, but now we're glad we did.

We went to the assistant principal's office with our complaint. He gave the boy one day of detention. After that, things got worse. The creep is still picking on us, and our school isn't doing anything to make him stop.

What do we do now, Abby? Were we wrong to tell? If not, how come nobody is doing anything to protect us? School is supposed to be a safe place, right? Please help us.

Three Girls From Zanesville, Ohio

Document each instance -- date, time and place -- in order to establish a record. Tell your parents what's going on. It's time for your parents to discuss this matter with the school principal. If that does not stop the harassment, take it up with the board of education. They need to know what's going on before it's necessary to take legal action.

Readers, here is a gem.

Dear Abby:

My daughter, Claire, told my 3-year-old granddaughter, Hanna, "We plan to remodel the kitchen and dining room, and move the walls from 'here to there.' " Trying to include her little girl in the project, she asked, "And what would Hanna like?" Hanna's reply: "Take away the time-out corner!"

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