DARKNESS FALLS (PG-13, 85 minutes)

Oh boy, the bad movie season continues. In this ham-fisted horror film, a kindly old lady who used to give kids coins when they lost the last of their baby teeth, was hanged 150 years ago in the town of Darkness Falls for the presumed murder of two missing children. Those children showed up safe and sound the next day. The old lady, who was also facially disfigured from a fire (she had a bad life, let me tell ya), cursed the town just before her execution. Since then, she has been killing children who have pulled out the last of their baby teeth. A tooth fairy horror film! Who knew? Her latest quarry is Kyle Walsh (Chaney Klay), who has been seeing nasty glimpses of the flying killer witch since childhood. Cue a truly awful and extremely loud scareflick that relies entirely on cheap boo! effects to convey its atmosphere. Director Jonathan Liebesman and the three credited "writers," who all deserve the symbolic equivalent of a noose themselves, are clueless when it comes to expert suspense and sustained menace. Their idea of a horror film is to create a thousand false alarms in which an apparent stalker turns out to be . . . someone's friend. After the seventh time, you really want to pull your own teeth out. Contains some obscene language, overall intensity and obnoxiously loud sound effects. Area theaters.

-- Desson Howe