Truck stops across the country can be more than just fueling stations, providing "home-away-from-home" comforts. Some centers are equipped with showers, laundromats, movie theaters, convenience stores and dentists on call. And soon, the Iowa 80 TA Truckstop on Interstate 80 near Walcott will present the Trucking Hall of Fame, to be completed in 2005.

If you'll be on the road before 2005, you might want to stop by for a preview. Part of the collection is on view now, and it features vintage rigs, including a 1919 Oldsmobile gasoline tanker, a 1956 Kenworth, a 1924 White wrecker and a 1934 GMC truck and trailer.

The Iowa 80's Trucking Hall of Fame is the dream of Bill Moon, former owner of the truck stop.

"My father loved trucks and trucking," says his daughter, Delia Moon Meier. "Over the years, he collected many antique trucks, antique toy trucks and other trucking memorabilia."

Bill Moon died in 1992, but the Moon family continues to add to the collection, which now consists of more than 100 trucks and trailers that will eventually be housed in the hall of fame.

The entire collection can be seen this summer during a trucker appreciation weekend at the Walcott Truckers Jamboree, July 10-11 at the 75-acre truck stop.

The weekend activities also include outdoor live music, a barbecue and displays of memorabilia.