AS THE Phillips Collection prepares for construction on its newly purchased space at 1618 21st St. NW and gears up for the opening of next month's special exhibition, the entire museum will be closed from Monday through Jan. 31. On Feb. 1, the first floor of the main house will reopen, with the second floor following suit on Feb. 15 for "Margaret Bourke-White: The Photography of Design, 1927-1936."

The Goh Annex will remain shuttered through early 2004, reopening with a presentation of "The Paintings of Joan Mitchell." Throughout the annex's closure, the Phillips plans a series of special exhibitions drawn from its permanent collection. The Phillips Collection is at 1600 21st St. NW (Metro: Dupont Circle). Call 202-387-2151 or visit


Through February, the National Gallery of Art is presenting an ongoing series of free lectures, gallery talks and films spotlighting the techniques and context of impressionist and post-impressionist painting. All events associated with "Anatomy of Art: Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Painting" take place in the East Building Large Auditorium, Fourth Street and Constitution Avenue NW (Metro: Archives/Navy Memorial), except as noted. For information, call 202-737-4215 (TDD: 202-842-6176). Programs include:

Saturday, Wednesday and Jan. 31 at noon -- Gallery talk: "Vincent van Gogh's Late 'Self-Portrait.' " West Building.

Tuesday and Feb. 2, 5 and 7 at noon -- Gallery talk: "Whistler's 'White Girl.' " West Building.

Feb. 6-8 and 11 at 1; Feb 13 at noon -- Gallery talk: "Painting Experience by the Impressionists: Renoir's 'Oarsmen at Chatou' and Monet's 'Woman With a Parasol.' " West Building.

Feb. 11, 16, 19 and 21 at noon -- Gallery talk: "Georges Seurat and Pointillism." West Building.

Feb. 16 at 2 -- Lecture: "Impressionist Painting Techniques: The Matter of Experience."

Feb. 19-22 at 12:30 -- Film screening: "Impressionism" and "Manet, Monet and the Gare Saint-Lazare."

Feb. 23 at 5 -- Film screening: "Nana."

Feb. 23 at 2 -- Double lecture: "Impressionist Paint and the Chromatic Palette Compared to Contemporary Artists' Oils" and " 'Time Will Tone Them Down Only Too Much': The Alteration of Color Relationships in Van Gogh's Paintings."

Feb. 26 at 1 -- Lecture: "Van Gogh in St. Remy and Auvers." East Building Small Auditorium.

Feb. 26 at 2; Feb. 28 at noon -- Gallery talk: "Looking Through the Layers: Impressionist Painting Techniques." West Building. -- Michael O'Sullivan