Search for Clues

* About 300 people are searching a huge area of Texas and Louisiana for more pieces of the space shuttle Columbia.

They hope the pieces will provide more clues on why the shuttle exploded Saturday, killing all seven astronauts on board.

Many large parts have been found. They have been taken to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

But the shuttle was flying so high and so fast that thousands of pieces are still scattered on the ground or in lakes and reservoirs.

The goal is to reconstruct what is left of Columbia. Then officials will try to figure out where on the shuttle the trouble began and why it exploded.

An Eel's Pipe Dream

* "Aalfred" the pet eel will not be taken away from the family in Germany that befriended him. He gets to stay in a pipe in the bathtub.

As you might recall from last week, Aalfred last has lived with the Richter family for 33 years. But animal-rights activists complained to officials of the city of Bochum that keeping the eel in a home was cruel. They wanted him relocated to a canal where they said he would feel more at home.

But a veterinarian who visited Aalfred ("Aal" means eel in German) said he was doing fine. So the city told the Richters they could keep the eel in the bathtub if they gave him a piece of pipe for a bed.

-- From staff and wire reports

Tracy L. Clark retrieves a piece of the space shuttle that landed on a Texas school.