Lena makes her cards out of sequins, lace and glitter. But there are lots of other ways to make cards, including on the computer. Here are a few ideas for making your own Valentines:

* Write someone's name in fancy letters and paste them vertically on a sheet of paper, then using each letter, write something nice that describes that person. Here's an example:

F un

E nergetic

R esponsible

N ice

Of course this gets harder the more letters you have to do. Might be tough if your brother's name is Christopher!

* Dip cookie cutters in paint and make prints on paper.

* Make a puzzle. Do a drawing showing flowers or hearts or cupids. Then cut it into 10 pieces and have the person you give it to put it back together.

You can do amazing cards on the computer as well, with a variety of programs. With a computer program, you can even send an e-mail that has a recording of your Valentine message. Many computer programs have more than 2,500 cards, 2,500 sentiments and 8,000 art images to choose from, so you're bound to come up with something more creative than you could buy in a store.

When it comes to signing your cards, remember to follow the ancient tradition of writing "From Your Valentine."

-- Tracy Grant