PG-13's and a Misrated PG

"The Recruit." Entertaining espionage flick that finally bellyflops on its own silly premise but has fun on the way down, with Colin Farrell and Al Pacino engaging in snappy repartee and mind games as a gifted, emotionally vulnerable CIA trainee and his recruiter-mentor. Gun violence, implied torture, fistfights, all bloodless, non-graphic; steamy kissing scenes, implied sexual situations; profanity; drinking.

"Kangaroo Jack" (rated PG but very PG-13ish). Crass, over-broad comedy with Jerry O'Connell as ne'er-do-well stepson of Brooklyn mobster (Christopher Walken), sent with his pal (Anthony Anderson) to Australian Outback to deliver cash; but a kangaroo hops off with the dough after they hit it with their car (don't ask). Much sexual innuendo; drunkenness; line about a dingo (wild dog) snatching a baby; joke that someone's "testicles will fall off"; mobsters with guns; flatulent camels.

"Darkness Falls." Lame, nonsensical horror flick about vengeful ghost of 19th-century woman known as the Tooth Fairy who swoops down, snatches and kills children and others; cheap, lightbulb-flickering boo moments, dizzy camera moves will make teens jump. Non-gory mayhem, but deafening sound effects, thud of victims falling to earth; profanity; fisticuffs; lurid portrayal of frightened child. Not for preteens.

"Just Married." Newlyweds (Brittany Murphy, Ashton Kutcher) return from snakebit honeymoon ready to kill each other in derivative, often lewd, sloppily made rich girl/poor boy romantic comedy with redeeming slapstick moments. Strong sexual innuendo; milder sexual situations; dog falls to supposedly comical off-camera death; toilet humor; gag about airport security cavity search; ethnic stereotypes; some profanity. More for high-schoolers.


"Deliver Us from Eva." Mean-spirited, dumb male backlash comedy sets male-female relations back 50 years, despite gutsy performance by Gabrielle Union as career woman so judgmental she nearly ruins her sisters' love lives; their husbands and boyfriends conspire to get rid of uptight, single Eva by paying a handsome guy (LL Cool J) to win her heart and lure her to another city. Crude sexual humor; strong sexual innuendo; milder sexual situation; proctological jokes; profanity. 17 and older.

"Love Liza." Great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman can't save ponderous, too-literal character study of Web designer (Hoffman) thrown into despondency by unexpected suicide of his wife -- in such pain he starts sniffing gasoline and becomes addicted, while his mother-in-law (Kathy Bates) and others try to connect with him. Substance abuse also involves teen users; profanity; partial nudity. Drama students 16 and older.

"Final Destination 2." Ultra-gory, lugubriously written and acted, unintentionally hilarious sequel again has Death going after people who narrowly escape a preordained disaster -- a highway pileup this time. Hapless victims are variously flattened, impaled, blown up in freak accidents; drug use; profanity; sexual innuendo. Not for anxious or agoraphobic teens, or anyone who's recently lost a loved one in an accident. Horror buffs 16 and older.