Timmy Turner is a pretty lucky kid. He has fairy godparents named Wanda and Cosmo to make (most of) his wishes come true.

Timmy is the lead character of Nickelodeon's animated show "The Fairly OddParents." His odd fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, live in a fishbowl. They protect 10-year-old Timmy, the only one who knows about them, from his deliberately mean babysitter, Vicky, and his pretty stupid -- but loving -- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turner.

As "The Fairly OddParents" enters its third season, Nick is strongly pushing it, with special episodes and six airings each week. (The new Valentine's Day episode premieres Friday at 9 p.m.)

Ellen Edwards talked to show creator Butch Hartman about how "The Fairly OddParents" came to be.

Where did the characters get their names?

Timmy is named after my younger brother. For the godparents I wanted something spacey sounding. The original name I came up with was Venus, but then Wanda came from "magic Wanda." I wondered who she would be married to. That was Cosmo. I wanted her to have blue hair, but it kept fading into the walls of Timmy's room, so I had to make it pink.

Why are Timmy's parents so dumb?

The parents are stupid, but they're not unloving. There is always a scene where they hug Timmy. When kids are kids, everything a parent does seems goofy. Timmy is smart enough to want to control his own destiny, but he can't do a lot.

What are "Da Rules" about what Wanda and Cosmo can do?

Superman had his Kryptonite. The rules are their Kryptonite. I had to limit them. The main rules are that no one can know they exist, the wishes have to be wished in Timmy's voice and the godparents can't interfere with true love.

How long does it take to make an episode?

It takes about nine months from the first time we write on paper, "Timmy walks into his room," to when you see it on air.

Did you always like to draw?

Always. In kindergarten, the teacher asked us to draw a picture of her. She looked at mine and praised it and praised it again and praised it again. I realized drawing was a way I could get attention from adults. I never played sports. I was always drawing. I used to sit in front of the TV and draw the Flintstones as fast as I could.

Do you help with the drawing on "The Fairly OddParents"?

Oh, yes. I'm one of the most involved show creators. I work on the story boards, the music, the drawing, everything.

Did Nickelodeon always like the idea?

"SpongeBob" paved the way for us. "Rugrats" had its own fans, but they all grew up. But "SpongeBob's" wacky comedy set the stage for us to do this.

Butch Hartman created and oversees "The Fairly OddParents."Fairy godparents Wanda and Cosmo help 10-year-old Timmy through tough times in "The Fairly OddParents."