A Force to Reckon With

* It's official: Nearly 400,000 people in Great Britain put their faith in "the Force" being with them.

As part of Britain's 2001 census, there was an optional question about religion. More than 390,000 people wrote in "Jedi" as their religion. That's more than listed Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh.

The Jedis declared their belief after a campaign on the Internet asked people to "do it because you love 'Star Wars' " or "just to annoy people."

In the films, the Jedi knights are a noble order of protectors unified by their belief in a universal power called the Force.

Snow it Goes

* Have you ever heard of self-rolling snowballs?

Well, people in Indiana and Illinois hadn't either until a snowstorm this week whipped snow into balls -- some as big as hay bales.

Lenora Dodd, who lives about 30 miles south of Indianapolis, was looking out her bathroom window Wednesday when she saw a snowball roll up by itself. "We've never seen anything like it," she said.

Called "rollers" by meteorologists, these self-rolling snowballs are usually found in arctic regions because they need the right combination of wind speed, temperature and snow condition to form.

"It's the same sort of idea as when you make a snowman, but the wind is doing all the work, because it's so strong," said Jason Puma of the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Rollers range from the size of a golf ball to a 30-gallon drum. The largest one John Percifield found near his home in southeastern Indiana measured 14 inches wide and 12 inches in diameter. He even took one to his radiator repair shop to show his employees.

"And the silly things are pretty well-packed," Percifield said.

-- From staff and wire reports

Winds roll snow into barrel shapes in Indiana.