Wait Till Next Week

* School's out for winter.

That's the theme again today as most major school districts will be closed for the fifth straight day (classes had been scheduled for Monday in some areas). The reasons are the same: Too much snow makes it unsafe for kids to walk to school or wait at bus stops. Kids in the District will have school, but with a two-hour delay.

Everybody expects that all schools will be back in session on Monday -- unless rain this weekend causes the schools to be flooded.

Lemony-Fresh Festival

* If you love lemonade, lemon meringue pie and lemon cookies, you need to leave snowy Washington and head straight for France.

Menton in the southern part of France is hosting the 70th annual Lemon Festival.

The theme of this year's festival is "Alice in Wonderland," so teams of lemon-lovers have put together very fancy statues and sculptures made of lemons (and other citrus fruit, including oranges). One work of art has Alice sitting under a tree with an owl looking down on her. Another scene shows huge playing cards, including the five of diamonds and the six of clubs.

Those Social Butterflies

* The butterflies are back!

A really bad freeze in Mexico last year killed about 80 percent of the Monarch butterflies that come from the eastern United States and Canada each year. That means the loss of as many as 500 million of the familiar orange-and-black butterflies.

But scientists in Mexico are amazed to see 200 million to 500 million butterflies this winter. The butterflies come to Mexico each October and head north in March. After so many butterflies died last year, scientists expected no more than 100 million. "It's a little bit of a mystery," " said bug scientist Chip Taylor.

-- From staff and wire reports

"Alice in Wonderland" is the theme of a lemon festival in France.