We asked you to go hunting, and did you ever. On Feb. 11, KidsPost readers were asked to track down 18 items on the pages of that day's Washington Post. We got about 100 responses. We particularly liked it when contestants cut out the answers from the paper! Anyway, here are the answers and the winners. Thanks to everyone who went hunting.

1. A Wizard and a King: Page D6, a preview of the Washington Wizards-Sacramento Kings basketball game.

2. Stephen Barr's Diary: Page B2, the Federal Diary column.

3. The high temperature in Wichita: Page B8, 50 degrees.

4. A whale inside a Fisher: Page B1, Marc Fisher's column, which contained the phrase "a whale of a row."

5. A Business reporter's name with 8 letters but only 1 vowel: Page E1, Cindy Skrzycki, who writes "The Regulators" column.

6. A cell phone: Pages D4 and D7.

7. An invitation to join a (health) club: Page F2, the Lean Plate Club.

8. A Toyota for sale: Pages D14-D16.

9. A bush or a Bush: Page A1 or A2, President Bush.

10. 35 cents: A1, the newsstand price of The Post.

11. A brief world: A13, the World in Brief column.

12. Boisfeuillet Jones: Page A20, the editorial page.

13. A Runaway Home: Page C4 and C5, ad for the play "Runaway Home."

14. BRAVO for living LIFE to the MAX in the USA: Page C6, the TV listings.

15. A Speed Bump: Page C10, the cartoon.

16. 70268 21100: Page A1, the Universal Product Code for The Post.

17. A map: Pages A3, A12, B8, C2, C13, D14.

18. A bonus ball: Page B2, the lottery listing.

And the winners are: Ben Buchholz, 9, and Jacob Buchholz, 7, Silver Spring; Cody Clarke, 10, Burke; Rachel Duff, 11, North Potomac; Eli Okun, 9, Rockville; Jamie Simon, 6, Reston.