* What he was like as a kid: Fred Rogers was fat, and he often was sick with hay fever. He once spent the whole summer inside in the air conditioning because of his allergies.

* A person who made a big difference in his life: His grandfather, Fred Brooks McFeely. The Mr. McFeely character was named after his grandfather, who often told him as a child, "I like you just the way you are." Mister Rogers used those words in almost every episode of the show.

* Characters in the Neighborhood: In addition to Mr. McFeely, there was King Friday, Lady Elaine and Daniel Striped Tiger, Ana Platypus and Henrietta Pussycat, among others.

* Some famous visitors to the Neighborhood: Musicians Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Van Cliburn, Tony Bennett and Wynton Marsalis.

* Magnetism: When Mister Rogers met Koko, a gorilla that had learned sign language, they hugged and Koko took off Mister Rogers's shoes.

* Job (other than being Mister Rogers): He was a Presbyterian minister.

* Hobbies: He swam every day and loved music so much that he wrote more than 150 songs.

* Family: He and his wife, Joanne, a concert pianist, had two sons. They also had two grandsons.

* Visit the Neighborhood: At the Idlewild amusement park in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, not far from where Mister Rogers was born, there is a ride that takes you through "The Neighborhood of Make-Believe." It ends with parents and kids being asked to give each other a hug.

Mister Rogers and Trolley had a passage to Make-Believe.