Problem for Dogs

* Think twice before you give Spot that extra helping of Alpo.

A new survey in Britain says that being too fat is the biggest health problem for dogs in that country.

Man's best friend gets fat for the same reason that man does: too much eating and too little exercise. Dog treats or extras from the table help them take in too many calories before flopping on the family room floor for a nap.

The No. 2 health problem for dogs in England is traffic -- perhaps they're too fat to run fast enough to get out of the way of cars.

Fun for a Squirrel

* Look, it's Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel.

Twiggy speeds behind a radio-controlled boat on specially made skis. The boat goes about 5 miles per hour.

Twiggy is "performing" at the National Capital Boat Show in Chantilly through Sunday. To read more about Twiggy, see the front of the Style section.

TV for You

* Two TV shows airing in the next few days let kids talk about serious issues in the world.

Sunday night at 8:30, Nick News will broadcast "The Iraq Question: American Kids Talk About War." Linda Ellerbee hosts the Nickelodeon show in which 10- to 14-year-old kids talk about various issues: What does it mean to be patriotic? Can you love America and be against war?

The program also explains why the United States and Iraq are on the verge of war.

Tuesday at 9 p.m., The N, Noggin's nighttime digital cable and satellite network for tweens, will show "A Walk in Your Shoes." It shows two teen boys, one Arab and one American, who spend time in each other's country and learn about each other's cultures.

-- From staff and wire reports

Doug Hall and son Alex watch Twiggy's ski act.