The birth of The Style Invitational coincided almost exactly with the inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton. It was a match made in heaven.

The lamest possible four-line poem about the budget deficit (Feb. 8, 1998):

Bill Clinton has fixed the federal budget deficit.

For that he deserves wonderful gifts for Hanukkah.

It is obvious to me that such a great man

Could never have had relations with Monica.

(David Sherman, Arlington)

Take any line from today's Washington Post and make it the answer to a question (Feb. 15, 1998):

A: "Well, we're glad to be here," astronaut Bonnie Dunbar replied from the shuttle. Q: Has President Clinton ever made inappropriate advances to female astronauts?

(Dave Andrews, Williamsburg)

Punishments for Bill (Nov. 8, 1998):

For his entrances, "Hail to the Chief" will be replaced by that striptease bump-and-grind theme. (Jason Zweiback, Livermore, Calif.; Sandra Hull, Arlington)

From now on, after sex he has to "cuddle."

(Brian Broadus, Charlottesville)

Secret Service agents get to wear "I'm With Stupid" T-shirts. (Art Grinath, Takoma Park)

A passage constructed from letters on the right side of the keyboard (Dec. 20, 1998):

Populi: Lyin' pol, jumpin' plump nymph.

Pol: You imply I'm loopholin'? Look -- no loin link, no union.

Populi: Hmmmph. Only ploy. Poo on you.

Pol: No humpin', no lyin'.

(Barbara Collier, Garrett Park)

Tabloid headline from the left side of the keyboard (Dec. 27, 1998):

Wet Areas Are Grease, Dress Wearer Attests! Wet Areas Are Seed, Swears Dress Tester! (Eric Lenning, Reston)

Aliases celebrities can use when checking into hotels (Sept. 29, 2002):

Bill Clinton: Mr. John Smith and daughter. (Russell Beland, Springfield)