"Bringing Down the House." Steve Martin as divorced tax lawyer, Queen Latifah as convict who tricks him into helping clear her name while she turns his life upside down in broadly funny comedy of race and class that missteps by portraying timeworn African American stereotypes. Bawdy sexual innuendo; teenage girl upset because a date tried to make her have sex; racial slurs, mild profanity; marijuana, drinking. 15 and older.

"Daredevil." Ben Affleck as idealistic lawyer Matt Murdock by day, leather-clad vigilante in intermittently exciting but awfully derivative Marvel Comics-inspired action adventure; upsetting flashbacks to childhood accident that blinded him, murder of his father. R-ish knife violence; rare profanity; muted sexual situation; implied nudity. Not for preteens.

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." Kate Hudson as magazine writer, Matthew McConaughey as advertising man hit on each other, both with ulterior motives, in glib, contrived romantic comedy that takes deft measure of today's brittle young singles' longing for emotional connection. Strong sexual innuendo; milder sexual situations; profanity; toilet humor. Not for preteens or middle schoolers.


"Spider." Ralph Fiennes in memorable portrait of schizophrenic man sent from hospital to live in grim London halfway house (Lynn Redgrave as sour landlady); he mutters, keeps gibberish journal, walks streets recalling a traumatic boyhood (Miranda Richardson, Gabriel Byrne as his parents); adapted by Patrick McGrath from his novel, directed by David Cronenberg with surreal clarity. Brief muted murder scene; explicit sexual situation; toplessness; rare profanity; smoking, drinking. Real cinema buffs 16 and older.

"Till Human Voices Wake Us." Pretentiously slow psychodrama about Australian psychiatrist (Guy Pearce) who returns home to bury his father and meets a mysterious woman (Helena Bonham Carter) who, audiences realize long before the hero catches on, is a tragic figure from his youth. Mild R -- rare profanity; muted sexual situation; attempted suicide; teenage angst.

"Tears of the Sun." Riveting action film undercut by simple-minded politics stars Bruce Willis as Navy SEAL charged with spiriting western doctor (Monica Bellucci) out of Nigeria during a civil war, then ignoring orders and trying to help her African patients, too. Intense portrayal of ethnic cleansing atrocity as rebels shoot, rape villagers -- shown with non-exploitive subtlety; some graphic wounds; battlefield violence; profanity. 16 and older.

"Old School." Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell in crude, slapdash comedy about male arrested development, playing thirtyish pals who rent a house near a college and start a fraternity, complete with boozy rush parties and coeds. Female toplessness, male near-nudity; graphic sexual language, visual innuendo; muted sexual situations; drinking; profanity. 16 and older.