President Sets Terms

* War with Iraq seems almost certain.

President Bush went on television last night to say that the only way Saddam Hussein can avoid war would be to leave Iraq. Hussein, the Iraqi leader, has said he would never leave his country. That means U.S. troops might attack Iraq by the end of the week.

Bush's speech came after he met over the weekend with the leaders of Britain and Spain to talk about a possible war. The leaders called on the United Nations Security Council to approve using force against Iraq.

France and Russia, who are against going to war against Iraq, said they would vote against that measure. So, the United States, Britain and Spain decided not to ask for a vote they knew they would lose.

If the United States does go to war against Iraq, it would be the second time in 12 years that the two countries have fought. The first time, the United States led a group of countries against Iraq after Hussein invaded the small country of Kuwait. The United States and the other countries quickly defeated Hussein's army.

But Hussein was allowed to stay in power if he agreed to get rid of dangerous and illegal weapons. The United States and many other nations say he has never done that.

A 'Healthy' Change?

* Health food in the vending machines at school? What's the world coming to?

The Maryland legislature is considering a bill that would say that half of all the food sold in school vending machines would have to be "healthy." Healthy food would have 5 percent of certain vitamins. And the "junk food" would have to cost more than the healthy stuff.

Some legislators say they need the law because kids don't get enough exercise and eat too much food that is bad for them. But other people say the law is unfair because kids could still bring candy bars and soda to school for lunch. Also, money collected from vending machines helps support school clubs and sports teams.

-- From staff and wire reports

President Bush met with Britain's Tony Blair and others last weekend.